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Charisse: +GodWins began with my personal journey which was a rocky and bumpy road. Although late in life I am FINALLY living my BEST Life. 7 years ago I met God on my road to recovery from a lifetime of abuse. I was abstinent and faithfully devout and wanted to help other abused women recover the way that I did through Jesus Christ. I was sponsoring gay women and was appalled at the treatment they received by “Christians”. That is when God started telling me (4 years ago) to bring his Love to the LGBTQ+ community. My response to him many times was who would listen to me because I am not gay!! 2 years ago in a span of 2 months… my church falsely accused me of lies spread by a very unhealthy woman, most of my beloved church “family” abandoned me, my father fell and died on my birthday from a brain injury, my mom went into sever dementia, and then even with only a handful of friends left, I walked from a friendship due to her personal agenda that did not meet mine. It was a difficult time. But within a short period of time, I realized my life, my plan was not the real me, I had buried so much of the real me when I was a little girl. All my obstacles were gone so I did the unthinkable, I stepped into my truth and admitted I was gay and in love with my cherished friend of 4 years. I professed to God that she was my soulmate, He stayed right by my side and kept right on speaking and now he said I need to pass on this message. He does not want our Lights to be buried. He loves us too much for us to stay unhappy. Our happiness and the love that we share between each other makes him happy. God is NOT a religion. God is a RELATIONSHIP. He Loves Me, He Loves You…Period

Stasia: +GodWins is God’s plan that I had no idea was in store for our lives. I have completely surrendered to God for +GodWins and all He has in store for it. I have also completely surrendered my life to be in His hands. Once I got down on my knees and accepted Gods love for me as his daughter, my life took off. I have finished my first song and in 2024 I will be working on releasing it. Music has been my outlet my whole life. I have not been down an easy path but finding my True Father has been what has me through all the times I’ve veered off my path. I know now that The Holy Trinity is walking beside me every day, knowing that no matter what, they will not let me fall. They have given me a new perspective on life that is worth living for. My mind, body, and soul are at peace, as long as I keep learning how to love myself and His Children. I trust God and believe in +GodWins 100%. Whether it reaches 1 or many, it is an honor to serve Him. I want to spread the word in our community by letting others know that it’s okay to love God, even if you’re part of LGBTQ+ community. Whether it’s supporting your friends or being gay as hell- we are all still children of God and at the end of the day- we all only want to be loved. Thank you for supporting!

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